20170227 C.F. Log I


Still don’t get the meaning of siggraph, but guessing that it’s just a name for some papers. The way that finding out all the siggraph papers about digital design from school is going to ACM digital library, and read the papers you can find out from database.

Briefly introducing this program 

There are four course ( however it’s counted as three) in first semester. The major one Digital Design Studio I is separated into two courses, cinematic fundamentals and game design. The other two are 3d animation and theory class. Four of them each have three hours a week.

Some points wrote down in class

“Everyone starts like you” that was the words the lecturer said when he played the previous students’ works. Those works are not as good as the animation we knew in the world, but they are amazing once you knew each work was made by only one student. I don’t know much about either game or animation, but these words made me feel more confident to try harder.

“Image matches the sounds.” When this happens, the animation will be more attractive.

“Keep your mind open as a sponge.” not just looking at character animation, everything could be possible. Eg, a heart bumping animation or a movement of the leaves and brunches of a tree. The animation can be all real, all animation or between reality and animation.

Showreel: shows the process that how you get the final works

Composition is important.

“Push out boundary”: not just focus on one area.

VFX, animation, interactive, ARVR


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