20170227 G.D. Log 01

Key points from notes

“Care to be on time” either classes or works, never left works to be done in the last minute.

The mission of this term (perhaps before June) is to make a 2D game by Gamemaker, therefore better download Gamemaker on own computer and learn some basic skill as much as I can. The course deadline of each projects is shown on blackboard.

“Gamesutra.com” which is a website for getting more news of games.

“The Auckland Game Development Meetup” keep in in mind.

About Game

-Different media
-Immersive (which means the thing seems to surround the players, also means the players feel that they are totally involved in the game)
-Boredom (learn a new relative word “kill bored”)
-Learn (like the games have messages for the players)

From the view of making games, a game should be included of these:
-Objects (in here, it means goals or aims)
-Rules: “no rule, no game” this reminds an anime which is called “No Game, No Life”.
-Outcomes, but remember that it must be quantifiable. Eg, win, lose and draw.

Salen and Zimmerman: “A game is a system in which players engage in an artificial conflict, defined by  rules, that results in a quantifiable outcome.”

artificial: means the thing is man-made, copy from natural or not real.
conflict: means a fight or a disagreement between people with opposite opinions.
quantifiable: means the thing is measurable.

For a designer, we are making problems for players to solve them out.

Again, a game should be/have:
-Volutary, because no one can push a player to play games
-A conflict
-Uncertain outcomes

In class, we played two games which are paper-and-pencil game. These are Tic-tac-toe and Battles hips.

Tic-tac-toe for me is not a new game, usually can get a win, or sadly a draw, so basically already knew a few patterns of the results in this game.

Space: the nine squares
Goal: winning the game
Component (what are the stuffs that build this game up ): pen/pencil, paper and two players.
Outcome: win, lose and draw
Conflict: Man vs. man
(1) Two players are required
(2) Each player needs to choose a symbol and uses it for the entire game
(3) Players can only place a symbol in each turn
(4) Symbols need to be placed in the squares and only one kind of  symbols is allowed for each space
(5) The maximum number of turns is nine
(6) When a line is formed by three of a kind, whether horizontal, vertical or diagonal, then a game is finished.

*Play some old games to analyse  these elements

Second game is Battle ships. Battle ships is a new game for me, so I took a while to understand the rules.

Firstly, placing all the ships on the grids. Secondly, guessing the place of opponent’s ships. Third, destroying all of opponent’s ships.

The result in class

Space: A piece of paper
Goal: Winning the game (destroying all of opponent’s ships)
Component: Two players, a piece of paper and pen/pencil
Mechanics: Choose the gird
Outcome: Win, lose and draw
Conflict: Man vs. man
(1) Placing all of the ships on the grids, either in the shape of horizontal or vertical.
(2) Must placing all of the ships.
(3) Guessing a grid that might be the place the opponent’s ship.
(4) A ship is destroyed when the opponent knows all the grids of the ship.
(5)  A player must guesses one time in his turn. If a player guesses right, he gets a chance to keep guessing until he makes a miss. If a player guesses wrong, his turn is finished.
(6) A game is finished when all of a player’s ships are  destroyed.

About making a game

Image 01 from class slights (made by Britta Pollmuller)

Five basics of games
(1) Space: the world of the game
eg, visual space, barriers, colours, sounds and lights
Everything relies on the rules/restriction of the game space
(2) Goals
eg, scores or the message from the developers
Can the game continue after a player won?
(3) Conponent
eg, weapons, characters, etc
(4) Mechanics
Can the charater move the box or what can the character do?
★ mechanis must follow the rules
(5) Rules
Can or cannot do in order to win

“The ideas of the game are easier to be found in life.”
“A little new thing might change the whole game.”

★ Make a game and finish by 9th of June with website, one minute video trailer.


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