BattleBlock Theater Review

The Trailer is from The Behemoth‘s YouTube channel.

BattleBlock Theater is The Behemoth‘s 2D platformer game which was released in 2013. I have purchased the game in 2015 yet still cannot get myself off from it. This game always can magically keep its freshness and never let me down. The players are allowed to share their edited level to others, this feature is great enough to keep its playability and what’s more, the developers still updated the game such as giving new special characters etc. It has already stolen my 95+ hours so far, but surly it will steal more.

BattleBlock Theater maintains the art style as Castle Crashers which was cute, funny and crazy. This time, the player is not saving the kingdom anymore. You are on a ship with full of friends ( which is a cool way to present friendship), unfortunately the ship crashes onto an island. The kitties run a theatre on the island, however the theatre is actually like a jail, they kidnap people, treat them as criminal and throw them into theatre to challenge stages for their entertainments. In order to leave this island, the player needs to finish 80+ of platform levels. Doesn’t make sense? It’s alright. Nothing is logical, then everything is logical.

Just like most of games, BattleBlock Theater has introduce their playing method through a few beginning levels. As long as you play, the hiding place of the Gems and a ball of Yarn are getting trick to find and reach. Although the levels are getting difficult to be passed, and even it hurts the player painfully when the player cannot pass after trying hard, at the end the success the player get from games is always sweet and addictive.

The narrative is my favorite feature in this game. The new chapters always start with the narrator’s monologue which contains lots of jokes and some nonsensical descriptions. He really brings the humor to the forefront. His fast pace, loud and vivid story-telling attractes me to keep playing and expect the story. However, the players might love the narrator and hate him at the same time. The narrator always reacts when the player dies, for instances, “Oh my goodness gracious!”, “Congratulation, uhmmm……DYING!”, or when the player has died several time in different he will say “That’s a new one!”or”Don’t … don’t die.” These would be very interesting dialogue when you are not playing the game, otherwise for me the narrator seems like laughing and making fun of me (tears in eyes). Sometimes, dying after thousands times, when I hear the narrator say “OH MY GOD!”, I always want to tell him that I’m the one who need to say”OH MY GOD” not you!

Overall, I’m positive that I will keep playing this game. It makes me have lots of great time which contains laughter and tears. I still have one encore level in Chapter 8 to play and other crazy modes as well. Let’s back to the crazy feline theatre!


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