Life of Emergency Physician Review


Picture from The Reporter

急診人生 is a 2D point n’ click casual puzzle game. It is made by a Taiwanese non-profit web media who commits at investigation of any important topics in Taiwanese public field.

The meaning of 急診人生 in English is Life of Emergency Physician. The Reporter makes this game in purpose. As they write on their website, they want Taiwanese “public to recognise the difficulties and problems of emergency room through innovative digital storytelling”. (2015, The Reporter, News Game: The Daily Life of the Emergency Room)

In this game, the player plays as an emergency physician who needs to concern and balance about his physiological needs, hospitalised patients and outpatients.  The patients are briefly classified into three levels of triage: green (less urgent), yellow (urgent) and red (resuscitation). Each patients are needed to classify correctly into the right treatment. Whenever the player classifies wrongly, cares less of the hospitalised patients or ignores his physiological needs, the player loses a life out of five. The player has to challenge this situation and save more outpatients as much as possible.

The final levels the player can get.

I enjoy the game so much. The first reason is that the gameplay has the ability to instigate the player to keep playing. This game is easy for the player to get in and also get a middle final result. This setting makes the player believing that he/she can get a higher result if he/she does better. The second reason is the intense background music. The background music is Edvard Grieg’s In the Hall of the Mountain King which is a classic familiar orchestral song. More outpatients come to emergency room as the melody becomes louder and the pace becomes faster. The game also goes into the final result when the music ends. The compatibility of music and gameplay creates the best experience for the player.

In the game, it clearly points out the problems of Taiwanese health care. It is shown by the green patients, most of them don’t really need to come to emergency room because their health problems can be done in a particular outpatient clinic, even they probably don’t need to come to hospital. I search out for more information about this problem and realise the main reason might be people have wrong knowledge about using medical resource. In Taiwan, government sets up National Health Insurance from taxes. The purpose is to make sure each Taiwanese can have a cheaper price whenever they need medical supports. However, people think they can get better resource and care from hospital rather than clinic, and medical resources are too cheap for them to get it, so they misuse or waste the resources. I think this game has successfully created a value of making the player to reflect themselves and think about the best way of using medical resources.

急診人生 (Life of Emergency Physician) has an extremely inventive idea of bringing player into real emergency rooms. It also has strong message behind the gameplay. Recommending to everyone, we should improve and be aware this problem.


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