Making changes to Battle Ships

We got a homework of doing some changes to the game Battle Ships for game design class. Before talking about the changes, let’s see the detail of the original version.

Battle Ships (original version)

Space: A piece of paper
Goal: Winning the game (destroying all of opponent’s ships)
Component: Two players, a piece of paper and pen/pencil
Mechanics: Choose the gird
Outcome: Win, lose and draw
Conflict: Man vs. man
(1) Placing all of the ships on the grids, either horizontal or vertical.
(2) Must placing all of the ships.
(3) Guessing a grid that might be the place the opponent’s ship.
(4) A ship is destroyed when the opponent knows all the grids of the ship.
(5)  A player must guesses one time in his turn. If a player guesses right, he gets a chance to keep guessing until he makes a miss. If a player guesses wrong, his turn is finished.
(6) A game is finished when all of a player’s ships are  destroyed.

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